Zagreb is a vibrant city. The population of the city is growing moderately and has reached 800,000 primarily due to positive migration trends. Zagreb is a city of culture. Its theatres, museums, galleries and art collections are recording an increasing number of visitors. For example, the city’s museums have achieved an increase of almost 50% in recent years, with the total number visitors reaching 700,000. We love to say that Zagreb is a city built on a human scale. The map shows Zagreb rooted well inland, but the Mediterranean breeze is never too away, especially in the way the city lives. Zagreb people love spending time outdoors, in the city’s streets, and with friends over food; we love to enjoy life in general. We are crazy about drinking coffee and there are around 4,500 cafés and restaurants in Zagreb, which makes a ratio of 1 café to every 175 people. This fusion of a Central European and Mediterranean lifestyle is best reflected in the urban patchwork of streets that can be found in Zagreb; some areas fizzle with energy and others are tranquil and balmy, which means that there is something for everyone.

More information on the City of Zagreb and its history, culture, arts, events, gastronomy and other attractions can be found on the official website of the  Zagreb Tourist Board and in the brochure